From the Coteaux de l'Ardèche to the Côtes du Rhône d'Ardèche...

Our three villages have the particularity, for the Ardèche department, of being part of the Côtes-du-Rhône Protected Designation of Origin area (formerly Controlled Designation of Origin).

This was precisely defined in the 1970s with a profound impact on the vineyard. In fact, the Côtes du Rhône specifications include the grape varieties to be used, as well as the production conditions and in particular the authorized yield.

The development of the appellation was significant from the 1980s with marked trends such as the predominance of red wines and constant qualitative improvement.

The non-selected wine terroirs in the Côtes du Rhône area participate in the production of wines with the Ardèche Protected Geographical Indication (former Pays des Coteaux de l'Ardèche wines), or, without specific specifications, Wines Without Indication Geographic (old table wines).

Our annual production is in the range of 19,000 to 28,000 hectoliters depending on the year, of which, on average, 2/3 is AOP; red wines represent around 80% of volumes, rosés 16% and whites 4%.

We are working to exploit the quality potential of our sector to expand our range of white wines through new plantings.


2 appellations, 2 brands, 2 ways to discover our wines!

Sensitive to our environment, we moved towards sustainable agriculture around fifteen years ago. Winegrowers committed to organic farming allow us to also offer a range of organic wines.

Thus, if we segment by name, our offer has two main axes:

A Côtes du Rhône range under the “3 Saints” brand in reference to our three villages (Saint-Marcel, Saint-Just, Saint-Martin d’Ardèche). Côtes du Rhône Villages meets the strictest specifications. These are blended wines from different grape varieties as in the entire southern part of the appellation.
An IGP Ardèche range under the brand “Cellier des Gorges de l’Ardèche”. In general, each wine corresponds to a grape variety which gives a different tasting axis compared to the AOP range and another way of highlighting our terroir.

Red, rosé and white wines, aromatic, different… in short, to discover!