Cellier des Gorges de l’Ardèche

Cellier des Gorges de l’Ardèche: our name refers to an exceptional site, as if to testify to the attachment of winegrowers to their environmental heritage. Ardèche is recognized for the beauty of its landscapes with preserved nature. It is multiple and varied, linking the Cévennes to the Rhône Valley, the Massif Central to Provence. At home, the oak is king and we enter the scrubland where it is accompanied by cade, boxwood, thyme, lavender... The fauna is not left out; the cicada ensures the musical summer and the Bonelli eagle, majestic, rare, has become emblematic to the point of appearing on the labels of our Ardèche wines.



The river is there, lying at the bottom of its setting, which has been working to shape its gorges for some 6 million years. Nature has shaped the Ardèche; man has only decorated it with paintings in caves, picturesque villages or even orchards, olive trees, lavender and... vines. Our vines are well exposed, with sun and Mistral and varied grape varieties... Taking care of them, bringing the grapes to maturity, creating a wine is a work for enthusiasts. We offer a range of colors and aromas, wines from Ardèche and Côtes du Rhône so that everyone can find a bottle to suit their taste.


Our knowledge

For many years, the Cellier winegrowers have been committed to a process of sustainable agricultural practices. Sustainable agriculture corresponds to global farm management approaches which aim, beyond compliance with regulations, to reinforce the positive impacts of agricultural practices on the environment and to reduce the negative effects, without calling into question the economic profitability of farms.